How I Make $100 Per Day Selling On Poshmark - Poshmark Tips - Poshmark Tips
selling on poshmark

How I Make $100 Per Day Selling On Poshmark – Poshmark Tips

How I Make $100 Per Day Selling On Poshmark
Without Anyone Ever Seeing My Products – Poshmark Tips

selling on poshmark

If you are selling on Poshmark, and are just not getting to where you want to be sales wise, you may need to change up your approach just a bit.

Most people are listing items the traditional way:

  1. -Find an item you want to sell
  2. -Take lots and lots of pictures of the item, from all different angles. Making sure your lighting is good!
  3. -Write a bestselling novel of a description.
  4. -List It

Now, you share the crap out of the item, hoping someone will see it and buy it!

This can lead to frustration… Especially if you are getting mediocre to no results from sitting there for hours…


  • What if… We didn’t have to list things the traditional way?
  • What if… I told you, you didn’t have to take ANY pictures of your item?
  • What if… I told you that no one even had to see the item at all??

Yes… It’s true, this is a method that I’ve been using to help me bank $100 days!
And it’s all thanks to a little thing we call…

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