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Poshmark Customer Service


Poshmark Customer Service Phone Number
Or Lack There Of

Why doesn’t Poshmark customer service have a phone number?

I’m sure most of you have asked that question.

For such a successful platform, with an estimated worth of $75,500,000 you would think they could afford a Poshmark customer service phone number, I’ll even give them my old Metro PCS phone. There is nothing worse than investing your time, money and sanity into Poshmark and not having a way to reach out to the company which takes 20% of your sale.

Is there a Poshmark customer service phone number?

Currently, the only way to communicate with Poshmark customer service is by contacting support via email.
They claim to get back to you within 24-hours however, I usually have to wait 2-3 days for a reply.

It once took me 2 months for a case to close, because Poshmark customer service took so long to reply to our emails, both seller and buyer.
You can also reach out on Facebook and Twitter but, they always tell you to email. I had a case opened on me, claiming I sold a counterfeit Celine bag.

Poshmark customer support ruled in the buyers favor within what seemed to be an hour after the case was opened. I didn’t even get a chance to prove my case or upload additional photos. A week later, the Celine bag was returned to me and holy shit, this lunatic cut the strap off of my bag, which is indeed authentic, I purchased it from the Celine store on Madison and E71st in NYC!

I was livid to say the least, and the worst part, I had to wait for a reply via email. It was Friday night, I didn’t receive a response until Tuesday afternoon. The case went on for a month. Poshmark refused to review the return case, I even went through the Better Business Bureau to get their attention.

Getting their attention

The only way I was able to get them to review this case was by calling Poshmark’s voicemail phone number for 6-days straight, leaving the same message every day. I wasn’t nasty at all, just stated my case and at the end of every voicemail I left a joke. I knew leaving a joke everyday would make them remember me.

On the 6th day, my joke was “Why should you never marry a tennis player, because LOVE means nothing to them” and BAM out of nowhere, I received the full amount for damaged Celine bag AND $50 credit. At the moment I am taking a break from Poshmark until they come up with a better customer service plan.

Don’t rely solely on Poshmark customer service – protect yourself!

As a seller, I feel highly unprotected against fraud and I can’t risk taking a loss at the hands of Poshmark’s unreliable customer service. I got to the point that I felt like every Poshmark transaction was like playing a game of roulette. My last 4 purchases resulted in me opening a case. All 4 times were listed as a different size than what it actually was.

If you purchase an item on Poshmark using Paypal, remember you are still protected through Paypal. So, if Poshmark does not want to help you, go directly to Paypal, their customer service number is (888) 221-1161. If you use your credit card, trying calling them and ask them to contact Poshmark for you. They can even 3-way a call to try to resolve an issue. But there is currently no Poshmark customer service phone number

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