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I bought one of those $35 Mystery boxes on and, I received the worst shit. 


Poshmark Review – I bought one of those $35 Mystery boxes on and, I received the worst shit. 


It seems likes everyone on Poshmark is selling mystery boxes. I’ve seen them ranging in price from $20 and up. So here I am, 1am on Poshmark looking to make some bad decisions, oh boy did I ever…I did it, I bought a mystery box for $35.  Here is my Poshmark review of my mystery box purchase

Firstly, I did not just jump right into the purchase, I read what seemed to be 50 comments. Some people asked “How many items? Smoke- free, pet-Free?” Someone even asked if they could SEE what was in the MYSTERY box…. Anyway, after reading the comments, replies & any other Poshmark review between potential customers and the seller I figured I’d just go for it and purchase.  

    The seller did say that the box would be packed with anything from shirts, jeans, accessories, shoes and more. She stated the brands varied between, Free People, Anthro, Lula, Nike, Pink and Calvin Klein. Shit, that sounds fantastic! 3-Days later my doorbell rings, it’s my mailman. My mailman has to be the best postal worker within the entire USPS. I knew it was my mailman because, just like one of those cool choreographed handshakes, he rings my doorbell twice, knocks twice than rings my doorbell twice again.  You too can have an awesome mailman, all you need to do is give them snacks and say THANK YOU!


     So, I bring this mysterious-Poshmark mystery box into the house, I place it on the dining room table. I called my friend, so we could “Open it together” lol. I peel the tape back and open the box. I will note, the box only weighed 3lbs a most. It was PACKED with tissue paper, like 20 sheets of it.  I pull out the first item and I am immediately horrified. The first item I took out of this mystery box was a neon yellow MENS shirt that is clearly worn.  On the shirt it says “Hilti”. After googling what “Hilti” is, I find out it’s a tool brand. 

After pulling out this ridiculous shirt, I straight up dump the entire contents of the box on the floor. Low and behold there is not 1 item that is brand named. No Calvin or Anthro, no Free People or Nike. The majority of the box was from Hanes. I received a pair of used cat pajama bottoms and holy shit, there’s 1 used Pikachu sock, just one. I have been duped. I was mad, I felt cheated. 


I opened up a case on Poshmark, including the photos of the items. Within 3 hours I get an email regarding the case. Poshmark has decided to favor with the seller. Here are the exact words I received from Poshmark  

” We have reviewed the case you submitted for order “Designer Mystery Box“. Unfortunately, this case does not qualify for a return because: 
– the purchase of any Poshmark mystery box is permitted at the buyer’s own risk
– we encourage Poshers to ask any questions they have before purchasing this type of listing 

 Well, looks like I’m all out of luck, isn’t that some shit. And there you have it everyone. Buy at your own risk. If you purchase a shity Poshmark mystery box, too bad, so sad, there is nothing you can do about it. Whatever you do, don’t try to get your money back by passing the shitty mystery box on. Donate it, use it as a dusting rag, make a quilt, I don’t know, just don’t be that person. This concludes my Poshmark review, thanx for reading!

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