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Poshmark Shipping Problems – You Live How Close To Me? – Poshmark Tips


How Close Do You Live To Me??

Poshmark Shipping Problems That Most Of Us Have Faced

Have you ever sold something and realized, the person you sold it to lives minutes away from you! 

Well, that is exactly what happened to me.  As tempting as it was for me to literally just deliver this poshers package, I knew it would be putting myself at risk for losing funds, as well as going against Poshmark Policy.  

Signature and Spyglass Hill Drive 

After packing this amazing bundle, complete with a free gift and a “Free Poshmark Shipping” coupon, on your next order, I made my way to my local Post Office. Here I am, walking down Signature Drive, I turn onto Spyglass Hill DR and I realize, I forgot my package home! All of this excitement had my head in the clouds. 

West Yale Ave

I go home, get my package and make my way back to the Post Office. I only have 10 minutes until the Post Office closes so, I take a shortcut. So here I am, sprinting down West Yale avenue and I realized, I just passed my buyers block! Now I only have 5 minutes left to ship my package before the post office closes. I have finally made it to the post office, I go to swing the door open, while still trying to catch my breath and it’s locked, the post office has closed for the weekend!  

Pack & Ship on Custis Drive 

I still am only blocks from my buyer, now the real temptation begins. Do I deliver it to her mailbox and leave or, do I wait until Monday to ship via USPS? The only other option is to drive to a pack and ship center. I already went through so much trouble trying to ship this bundle so, I decide to take the drive.  After driving 20 minutes, I reach the pack and ship center on Custis Drive. Finally, I can deliver this package which has been haunting me. 

 Always Follow Poshmark Policy

2-Days later, my buyer receives her bundle and quickly sends me a comment, “Oh my goodness, you live so close to me! I would have met up with you and clicked “accept”. No matter how close you live to someone, you should always follow Poshmark Policy and deliver all packages via USPS. Trading within Poshmark Groups is a frequent issue. Always complete transactions within the Poshmark app to prevent potential Poshmark account termination, banning issues and lost merchandise as well as earnings. 

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