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Poshmark Tips  Shipping: The Other Art Of Selling On Poshmark


Poshmark Tips

Shipping: The Other Art Of Selling On Poshmark

These Poshmark tips will truly increase your ratings with the items you are selling on Poshmark. I believe shipping your items in a presentable box/poly mailer a long with proper packing, makes all the difference when you’re trying to seal the deal on a 5-star rating. In this post, I would like to discuss some ways to ship and pack your items.

What To Use

Shipping is the less luxurious part of selling on Poshmark.  I absolutely hate packing my items however, I found a way to make it enjoyable. For smaller items like, shirts, pants, accessories etc, I use a designer poly mailer.  Poly mailers are a total game changer. I buy packs of 25-50. They are almost as thin as paper, so it’s easy to store.


When I purchase a poly mailer, I usually go on since they offer free shipping with my Prime selling on poshmark - poshmark tips for shippingaccount. I type in “Designer poly mailer” and hundreds of eye-catching, trendy poly mailers pop-up. I like to keep poly mailers in each season always in stock. I don’t buy holiday-specific poly mailers, just the seasons. I use Snowflakes for the winter, pumpkins for the fall, pineapples for the summer and woodland creatures for the spring


selling on poshmark - poshmark tips for shipping

When I need a box for heavier/bulkier items like shoes, hats and coats I use a box. I don’t spend money on boxes, I use the free boxes that the USPS offers. You can even order shipping supplies like, labels, boxes and envelopes for free from, When I use a USPS box or poly mailers I always wrap my items in a weatherproof plastic bag and tissue paper. I decorate using ribbons and bows.



Thank You’s

selling on poshmark - poshmark tips for shipping

I always add a personalized thank you card. You can find lots of thank you cards on clearance at or in their stores. I typically spend $5 on a box of 15 cards which include envelopes and gold-foil stickers. When I receive posh-packages where my item is unfolded-thrown in a box I immediately raise a red flag. Show you take pride in your shop and work, it makes a huge difference.

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