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The Best Poshmark Wholesale Sources 


The Best Poshmark Wholesale Websites 

 There are hundreds of thousands of wholesalers available online, but which one is right for YOU? 

Finding the right wholesale supplier to fit my style, budget and shipping time took me months. 

After finding the right wholesaler for me, I saw my profit multiplying instantly. This is how I found the right poshmark wholesale source for me. 


Poshmark Wholesale Portal 

poshmark wholesale

DO NOT and I repeat, do not purchase your wholesale items through the Poshmark portal. The very first time I purchased through the Poshmark portal I bought 6 floral rompers for $90, six rompers for $90 comes out to $15 a romper. I thought that was great but then I started to look for other wholesale options on google. I came across a few,,, and many more. I instantly regretted buying from the Poshmark portal. I saw the same rompers on for $6.59 a pair with no minimums. I was able to purchase as much or as little as I wanted to on 2 years later, these damn rompers are still for sale in my closet because, I had to list them high to make a profit. Other poshers are selling them for $20, I have mine listed for $28 making a whopping $7 profit.  

Wholesale Vendors  

poshmark wholesale

When I purchased wholesale from the USA (Ebay listing) I found the pricing to be nearly 20% higher. Shipping is way, waaay more expensive in the USA, so the prices of the clothing goes up. I ordered a lot of 6 shorts and 6 tank tops. My order came out to $144 making each item $12 a piece. I was on the fence about it but, these items were too fab to pass up. I’m now filling out the checkout form, move on to the shipping and I see shipping prices starting at $25! The shipping time was also 12-40 days. That’s insane, there’s no room for profit.  

My PFF told me about Aliexpress so I took a look. I liked a lot of their stuff; their pricing and shipping rates were within my budget. The only issue I had with Ali was, the shipping time was between 20-50 days!  I would have to order a season ahead, and I really didn’t have the room to keep that much stock in my apartment. I also tried contacting a merchant on Ali but, he only answered in emoji’s.  

Finally, A Winner!

I then found through Instagram. I was giving a coupon as soon as I logged onto the site. 

Their site was filled with today’s hottest wholesale fashion trends, makeup, jewelry, accessories and more. Everything a girl could ever need or want! The prices were within my budget, this was the perfect Poshmark wholesale site for me. I added one item to my cart to test out their shipping rates and time.

Their shipping time was within 15-20 days and they offered $4.99 flat rate shipping. was exactly what I was looking for. I also contacted support to ask where their items came from. They ship from both the USA and China but are based within the US.   

Two weeks later I received my order. I cross listed my items and sold out within a week. I was able to list lower so I could sell more and faster, raising my profits sky high. I am very happy with and I still order from them.  

If you would like to order from make sure you use the promo code “Save10” at checkout, to save $10 on your entire order (you must spend $100 first). Considering how their prices are already at wholesale price, 10% off makes these items clearance of the clearance prices.  

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