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The Truth About Poshmark Facebook Groups – Poshmark Tips

Poshmark Tips – The Truth About Poshmark Facebook Groups  The Good, The Bad, and The Truth   I have been Poshing for years, I have also been a member of various Poshmark groups on Facebook. When I started out selling on Poshmark, I needed help understanding it so, I joined a few Poshmark groups.  I can...CONTINUE READING

I’ve Been Soft-Banned on Poshmark

Oh shit, I’ve been soft-banned on Poshmark.  Why can’t I follow people…what the hell is going on, is Poshmark down?   Nope, Poshmark is not “down” or glitching. You’ve been soft-banned! Poshmark has put you in Poshmark-jail, don’t worry, everything will be ok. Sometimes when you share or follow too fast, or too much, Poshmark temporarily bans either your entire account or a certain feature. Soft-banning is temporary, and...CONTINUE READING