Top 5 Hard To Believe Success Stories Of Women Selling On Poshmark

The Top 5 Hard-To-Believe Success Stories Of Women Selling On Poshmark

The Top 5 Hard-To-Believe Success Stories of Women Selling On Poshmark


When you’re an entrepreneur, ANYTHING is possible, you read stories of people going from rags to riches, being $200,000 in debt, then the next day, their internet startup (which you were totally unaware of) takes off into the sky, of which, the side effect of their success would be instant retirement, then the next pictures you see is of them on a beach, sipping mojito’s.

While things like this ARE very possible, they do not happen to too many people, not only that, but people who make a lot of money don’t usually want a write up about it (especially on the internet of all places).

These stories are not just about tech moguls and inventors. The best stories that journalists love to write about are ordinary people who have struck it big just working from home! The stay at home mom who cleaned out her closet one day and was able to buy a house a few months later because she was selling on Poshmark.

There are plenty of those stories about women in particular who have made their 6 figures posting and selling their old clothes on Poshmark. Although, you are able to make ALOT of cash selling on this platform, the numbers in some of these articles are a bit exaggerated.

That’s why we have put together a list of the Top 5 “Questionable” Success Stories of Women Selling on Poshmark. You can decide for yourself which ones you think are BS, or which ones you think could have been semi-possible.

#5 The PoshMatch Princess

5. Is a Posher who has claimed to had made $5,000 in 30 days because of “PoshMatch”. In the article, it’s written that “business is booming, especially for Alexandra! Known as @alvictoria on Poshmark, you will find her shopping, sharing and making tons of sales (on sales on sales) using some very savvy strategies.”

091814_success story_alvictoria

In this article, she apparently tells all how she is able to accomplish making $5,000 in 30 days selling on Poshmark. Read it for yourself and be the judge, do you think she’s telling the truth?

#4 The “Thrifter”

Another Posher has made a claim of netting up to $6,000 per month with just 50k followers… The best part of this is, she made it to CBS news!

Her name? Jade Myers, who calls herself a professional “thrifter”.

In the article, she also states that her highest profit was a fur coat in which she bought for $4 and sold for $1,000. Being that fur is not really allowed on Poshmark, this makes us wonder how many of her sales were actually against Poshmark policies.

Check out the article HERE and let us know what you think!

#3 The Canon

selling on poshmark

Suzanne Canon claims a net of $500,000 since 2012. All we really have to say about this one is that it is highly believable.

We checked out her closet, she boasts half-a-million Poshmark followers.

With over 28k listings, there’s no wonder that this female entrepreneur is an inspiration. Her closet name is @scanon

#2 The Cat

Natalie Gomez, a former Macy’s employee boasts $10,000 per month, buying and reselling inventory.

Buyers on Poshmark can offer an amount that is below what an item is listed for. Despite being listed at $60, Gomez' first dress sold for $40.

We call her the cat because the first item she sold was a cat printed dress, which she bought for $9.95 and resold for $40.

She claims to have made over $100,000, we are not sure of a time frame for her to net that much, but apparently, it was enough for her to quit her job at Macy’s and work full time for herself.

You can read the rest of the article here

And finally, last but not least.

#1 The Eiffel Tower

Evelyne Teman 2

“MiSSAISHA555,” Or Evelyne Teman, claims to have made a whopping $500,000… $500,000…

Wait… Let me say this again… FIVE HUNDRED, THOUSAND, DOLLARS.

Granted, this woman, has a following of over 500,000 followers. $500,000 is a bit far-fetched.

Evelyne is also a mom of 4… How she finds the time to do all that sharing, following & selling on Poshmark?

I’m not too sure.

You can read her article here. YOU be the judge!

In conclusion. Although ANYTHING is possible, we have heard stories about Poshmark planting these stories around just to gain some sort of exposure or recognition. Who knows, they could have totally planted these accounts as well, they are the key masters, they hold all of the information.

The real entrepreneurs, do not have it easy. Real people out there are struggling to make a buck, even selling on Poshmark isn’t easy, it takes sacrifice and dedication to even be able to call it a decent income.

What do YOU think? Leave a comment below and give us your feedback…

Which of these really stands out to you as FAKE, or exaggerated?



  • January 21, 2018
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