Poshmark Tips - The Truth About The Poshmark Facebook Groups
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The Truth About Poshmark Facebook Groups – Poshmark Tips

Poshmark Tips – The Truth About Poshmark Facebook Groups 

The Good, The Bad, and The Truth 

 I have been Poshing for years, I have also been a member of various Poshmark groups on Facebook. When I started out selling on Poshmark, I needed help understanding it so, I joined a few Poshmark groups.  I can confidently say, being an active member within these Poshmark groups has killed every enjoyable part of buying and selling on Poshmark. 

 Ok, go back to 2012, I’m a newbie here in Poshmark world, I need some advice and guidance. I was looking for more than just a few Poshmark tips I guess you can say, I was looking for a mentor. So, I decided to join some Poshmark groups within Facebook.

It’s Easy To Bully Someone Behind A Keyboard And A Monitor

I posted my first post within, I guess you can call it the “main” Poshmark group.  I asked people to look at my closet and kindly tell me what needed work etc. Some of these poshers are ruthless. One girl said ” LOL you should just delete your closet”.

Another person poked fun at my clothing. I was selling plus size clothing.  I had lost 100lbs, I no longer fit into my old wardrobe, so I was selling sizes 18-22. I remember word for word what this one, particular posher wrote to me ” I don’t think Poshmark allows tents to be listed” she also added a bunch of laughing emoji’s. This was virtual bullying at it’s finest.

I strayed from the groups, just after one posting. Sure, there were a few nice people who gave me honest opinions and Poshmark tips, like how I need better lighting and such, however no one stood up for me, not even the admins after I reported it.

But I Know Manish…

Years, pass and I make a few “PFFs” They help me with my closet, I learned a lot! I then decide to post in the group again.  I posted my opinion on what I thought were the best times to follow and share, for an effective turn-around.

I don’t know who let the dogs out because, these bitches came gunnin’ for me…
I am talking about 50+ comments of people knocking me and each other down.

Everyone is a fuckin’ know it all! A few girls said ” Well I know Manish, I met him at Poshfest and he said only one share per party is seen” and yadda yadda fuckin yadda.  

Let me break it to you all who think your besties with “Manish”. He is a business man. He does not care about you or your open case or your questions. He is too busy doing other shit. Your questions and rants about how you lost a case is so irrelevant and beneath him. If he honestly cared, there would be a Poshmark customer service phone number, dedicated to answering all of your concerns and questions. 

In conclusion, misery loves company, so if that motto fits you, join some Poshmark groups on Facebook. You will find hours on endless arguing, bitching and people trying to rip you to shreds over nothing.

I truly believe a high majority of people within these groups are so brain washed and caught up with Poshmark, they forgot how to be a compassionate human.

Thank you to those, who don’t bully each other.

And thank you for your positive yet direct comments without being nasty. You are so highly appreciated.

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  • January 25, 2018 at 9:15 pm

    Thanks for your honest feedback. I, too, have had a bad experience with a group. Not sure if it’s the same, but I’ve since been banned. Lol! I figure that may have been a blessing. I don’t have time for meanness for the sake of meanness. I have seen size bashing in that group and it’s pretty bad. It does help me know who not to give my business to though. I’m sorry this was a bad experience for you. We learn and we grow stronger when we experience good and bad! Cheers!