I used PoshmarkSharer.com for 1-month and this is what happened. - Poshmark Tips

I used PoshmarkSharer.com for 1-month and this is what happened.

I used PoshmarkSharer.com for 1-month and this is what happened.

Selling on Poshmark has never been so easy.

I was struggling to obtain a successful income from my Poshmark closet due to the lack of time I was able to put into it. I knew there was potential to make some serious profits from selling on Poshmark, I’ve had success before I had a full-time job and a toddler but now, I only have maybe an hour a day to do all of my sharing, listing, photos, measurements and following. We all know following, listing, writing the perfect description, complete with measurements and sharing takes way longer than an hour.  

     I came across a thread on Facebook about a Poshmark closet management and sharing service called “PoshmarkSharer.com” They offer at least a dozen different kinds of Poshmark closet services as well as monthly virtual assistants.  At first, I didn’t really know what to expect so I purchased the “1,100-share package from my account” for $6.99 and this is what happened…Within 2 hours I received an email from the websites admin with a temporary password so they could complete the shares I paid for. So I go ahead and change my password and right away I see my share count going up! They shared my items to my feed as well as the party that was going on.  

     My Poshmark notifications were going off the hook, it was a bit over-whelming at first. I had tons of poshers asking for additional pics and measurements, TONS of shares from random poshers and a pile of likes. It’s safe to say my closet was trending. My order was completed within 6 hours. Out of the 1,100 shares I paid for, my sharer completed 1,436! I had a steady amount of traffic to my page for the next 3-days. I made a total of $396 in just a little over a week. It was the easiest money I’ve ever made, I literally didn’t do anything on Poshmark, PoshmarkSharer.com did ALL of it! 

PoshmarkSharer is the top sharing and closet management service around.

   I continued to purchase packages throughout the month. All together I spent $140 on PoshmarkSharer however, I made $728 so that $140 was a smart investment. Honestly, it’s going to be hard for me to use Poshmark without PoshmarkSharer.com. I love the fact that they don’t use bots. They work within the rules and guidelines of Poshmark so no harm can be done to my account. Whenever I had to contact PoshmarkSharer, I would receive an email back within 1-3 hours, they are really on top of their customer service game.  


I will add that I do not work for Poshmarksharer.com and I was not paid or compensated for writing this article. This is a totally unbiased review based on my experience. So, with that being said, go check out PoshmarkSharer.com! Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below.  

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