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What To Sell On Poshmark – Thrifting


What To Sell On Poshmark – Thrifting

Thrifting is an amazing way to find treasures for little to no money. It took me a while to understand what was good and what I should pass up, not to mention what to sell on PoshmarkI made many mistakes buying items I thought I could sell for an amazing profit but really, I would find myself actually losing money. It took a long time to realize the worth of an item, so today I would like to discuss how to successfully thrift.  

sell on poshmark

Chosing The Right Thrift Store For Items To Sell On Poshmark

 I have been poshing since 2014; it took me 3 years to find a solid source for my thrifting. I started off selling my own clothes but I wanted to amp up my closet with lots of merch. I came across a local consignment shop. This consignment shop focused on the higher-top brands like Chanel, Tory Burch, Gucci and more. I would buy items in amazing condition

 at half price of the MSRP price tag. Sadly, and quickly I realized that I was actually in the negative after my sales. Poshmarks 20% seller fee is a killer.  

Some Stores Have 2 Faces

sell on poshmark

I then came across a thrift store that sold top brands as well ranging from $5 – $100, some items were nwt.
I had success doing this for about a year until I bought a fake Celine bag from the thrift store, and then I bought a fake Hermes bag…

I discovered they started accepting tons of fake items. I was heartbroken because I invested so much time and money, not knowing most of their stuff was fake. I would ask if the items were real and they would always tell me yes, even after inspecting items that were fake, they’d pass them on as real. Not something you would EVER sell on Poshmark.


The Bins!

sell on poshmarkI did more research on better thrift stores and came across “the bins”. Clothing by the pound, brands from J. Crew, Lululemon, Pink, Anthro and more. This quickly became my favorite place. I was buying clothing by the pound, $1.69 a pound to be exact. I found Uggs and Burberry sneakers, designer jeans, name brand dress and so much more. I started to sell mystery boxes and made a killing‘. I found clothes that I kept for myself too. Before I sell my thrifted clothing, I put them through a sanitize-steam wash. I try my best not to sell anything with stains or signs of wear.   


Protect Yourself In More Ways Than One

When thrifting, I encourage you to wear gloves. Remember, lots of high end items you come across may be a replica so do your best to authenticate before purchasing. Most thrift stores will not give you a refund or store credit, sales are final when thrifting. You can find lots of groups on Facebook that will help you authenticate and decide whether to buy or pass on an item. Utilizing “Live thrifting” help within Facebook has saved me from making many mistakes; I highly recommend you join a few. 

 I’d love to hear any tips or tricks you may have for thrifting and what items to sell on Poshmark, leave a comment below! 

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